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Sports Track

WEEK 1 - Basketball

TYPE: sports


DATES: June 7- June 11

Dribble, pass, shoot! Spend a week on the court learning and practicing the skills and drills needed to be a Basketball champion. One lucky team will win the Camp Davis Directors Cup!

WEEK 2 - Soccer

TYPE: sports


DATES: June 14- June 18

From kicking and passing to shooting and weaving and dribbling, our soccer track is designed for the young soccer fan. Campers will focus on skill building and game playing for an fun week!

camp davis soccer.jpg

WEEK 3 - Tennis

TYPE: sports


DATES: June 21- June 25

Always a popular track, our tennis program is focused around developing the core skills of the sport.  This year in addition to working on our tennis racket skills, we will learn about other paddle sports including badminton, ping pong and pickleball.

tennis camp davis.JPG

WEEK 4 - Golf

TYPE: sports


DATES: June 28 - July 2

Our camp golfers will learn proper grip and stance, how to use the irons and woods, and the art of putting. We will also dabble in a few other types of golf, including disc and soccer golf. 

WEEK 5 - Survivor 

TYPE: sports


DATES: July 6 - July 9 *no camp July 5

Survivor camp is a rugged experience where campers spend the week engaging in wilderness based athletics. Archery, obstacle courses, and more all come together for this camp favorite. 

archery at camp davis.jpg

WEEK 6 - all sports

TYPE: sports


DATES: July 12 - July 16 

Can’t chose which sport is your favorite? Why not play them all? All Sports is exactly what it sounds like- all sports, all the time. If you love the thrill of competition and teamwork, this is the track for you. This track is for the child who just wants to run…and dodge…and kick…and jump, and do just about anything else athletic. Campers will spend their mornings engaged in sport after sport and are guaranteed to come home smiling and exhausted. 

gaga nashville.JPG

WEEK 7 - Dance and Cheer

TYPE: brain builders


DATES: July 19 - July 23 

We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how ‘bout… an amazing week of ruach and energy where we learn how to bring it on. That’s how it goes- right? Go team! 

dance and cheer.jpg


TYPE: all


DATES: July 26-July 30

The summer is almost over and it is time for one of the greatest Camp Davis traditions- the Maccabia games! This is an incredible week of camp where children are divided up into three different teams. We spend the entire week competing in different athletic, artistic, and ruach based events. Sportsmanship is the key to a victory this week, as children learn the importance of winning- and losing- with their heads held high. 


Maccabia week at Camp Davis is unlike any other week. There are no field trips or specialty tracks. Children spend a large portion of the day in mixed age groupings. Because of this alternative schedule, we strongly recommend that campers have experienced additional weeks of camp before attending during week 8.

Camp Davis color war.jpg