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Our mission

The Camp Davis Inclusion Program is intended to make Camp Davis accessible to campers with disabilities and/or specific needs so that they may not miss out on any of the experiences and fun that Camp Davis has to offer. We believe we can accomplish this through effective communication, collaboration, and training amongst all Gordon JCC programs and Camp Davis’ families, campers, and staff. 

If you feel that your child could benefit from the multitude of services that our Inclusion Program offers, or you would like to learn more about the specifics of the program including the option for one-to-one staff support, please contact us. 

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What is inclusion?

So glad you asked!

To put it simply, it means to insure people have a place in a group or community. In a camp or educational setting, it means committing ourselves to considering the specific needs and diverse backgrounds of all humans.


We take those considerations and turn them into real life, proactive practices for accommodating specific needs and spreading appreciation for diversity so that all may participate to the fullest of their potential. Something special happens when a child first understands that we are all different. Something even greater happens when they learn that being different is awesome. The world becomes a better place when one child sees the benefit in helping another. The Camp Davis Inclusion Program loves the opportunity to spread this message. We hope you will be a part of our journey.


Developed and spread a culture of inclusion throughout the Gordon JCC Community.

Designed individualized camper profiles for every camper with a disability and/or specific needs for Inclusion that include:

  • Initial observations

  • Accommodations needed

  • Parent given information

  • Research based interventions for behaviors

  • Data collection to monitor effectiveness and reward improvements.

Effectively observed and improved the basic framework of Camp Davis and Gordon JCC to be a more inclusive setting for all.

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WHAT you can do

The Inclusion Program has high hopes. We believe we can continue to grow our program and further spread the news that Camp Davis is the place for ANY child in the greater Nashville area to spend their summer.

You can help us accomplish this dream by simply:

  • Contacting us with any information about how we could best serve your child’s specific needs.

  • Spreading the message of Inclusion throughout your community and family.

  • Recommending Camp Davis to potential campers of all backgrounds and needs.

Inclusion Program underwritten by a generous donation from the Lori Ann Fishel Fund to Enhance the Lives of Those with Disabilities housed at the Jewish Federation & Jewish Foundation.

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