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Holy Community (Kehila Kedosha)

קהילה קדושה

At Camp Davis, we firmly believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Every individual has a role to play and each role contributes in its own unique way.


Our community is founded on acceptance and inclusivity. We welcome families from all walks of life. We are incredibly grateful for the diversity of our campers and staff, as it allows us a constant opportunity to learn about others as well as ourselves.


Regardless of religion, race, socioeconomic status, school district, political affiliation and thoughts on pineapple on pizza or anything else, Camp Davis welcomes you.

Fun (Kef)


Camp Davis is first and foremost about fun. From the second your child hops out of the car until the very last song on the very last day of camp, we never miss an opportunity to have a blast.

This philosophy on fun encompasses everything we do; from the largest all camp event to the way we pick up trash. If it isn't fun, it's not Camp Davis.

Love (Ahava)


At Camp Davis, love means respect. Love means compassion. Love means connection. Love means understanding that we are all in this together.


It's love that creates life-long friendships and love that guides our campers' hands as they plant in the garden. When we sing in the morning, it's love that binds our voices together.


We believe that inside every soul is the capacity and desire to love. Camp Davis fosters a culture where love starts with the self and radiates out to beautify the world around us.

Nature (Teva)


Beauty is all around us, but sometimes we forget to step back and take a look at how amazing our natural world is.

Camp Davis campers spend their summer days surrounded by and interacting with nature. Grass, trees, dirt, mud, leaves, flowers, and more all provide an unmatched resource

for fun and growth.

Looking at the big picture, we believe that having a hands on experience with nature is essential for a child's development. As technology advances further and faster, we see it as our responsibility to provide this opportunity to our campers.

There's a reason we've been Getting Kids Dirty Since 1930!

Growth (Tz'micha)


One of the most amazing things about camp is its ability to facilitate and enhance growth in its campers, staff, and community as a whole.


At Camp Davis, we challenge our campers. Every child is met at their own level, and pushed to go just a little bit farther. Campers learn the importance of taking risks and that even when we fail, or when things don't work out the way we wanted, we can still learn and be changed for the better.


Surrounded by a culture of support; Camp Davis campers are equipped with the tools to identify, execute, and evaluate their own goals. At the heart of this process is an appreciation for improvement and gratitude for the process involved.

Righteousness (Tzadik)


Camp Davis is a place where righteousness is exemplified and broadcasted for the world to see. To us, righteousness can be boiled down to actively working towards making the world just a little bit better with every action.


Righteousness is the ability to live your life in in a way where positive energy radiates and peace holds true. This peace isn't simply an absence of conflict, but a recognition that humans are free to be their true selves.


We often hear the phrase, "the children are our future," and at Camp Davis we take that very seriously. It is our goal that our campers and staff become more compassionate and conscious individuals as a result of their time at camp.


To some, these concepts are too mature or abstract for children to grasp. Here at Camp Davis, we respectfully disagree.

Jewish Values

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