Tzadik- צדיק

Camp Davis is a place where righteousness is exemplified and broadcasted for the world to see. To us, righteousness can be boiled down to actively working towards making the world just a little bit better with every action.


Righteousness is the ability to live your life in in a way where positive energy radiates and peace holds true. This peace isn't simply an absence of conflict, but a recognition that humans are free to be their true selves.


We often hear the phrase, "the children are our future," and at Camp Davis we take that very seriously. It is our goal that our campers and staff become more compassionate and conscious individuals as a result of their time at camp.


To some, these concepts are too mature or abstract for children to grasp. Here at Camp Davis, we respectfully disagree.

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Camp Davis is a program of the Gordon Jewish Community Center made possible by the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee