Starting in 7th grade, campers begin a new chapter in their Camp Davis story. Our Leadership Track is designed to provide campers with tangible skills that will aid them in the camp world, as well as in life. Comprised of two separate programs, Tzofim and C.I.T., the Leadership Track challenges all participants to discover and develop their own leadership style. 


Scouts- Grades 7-8

The Tzofim program is a hybrid combining the best parts of the Traditional Camp experience with a strong foundation in camp leadership. Tzofim campers are able to participate in their favorite Camp Davis activities at a specialized and more challenging level. As the summer progresses, our Tzofimers are provided with opportunities to create their own schedules and take ownership of their camp experience. Additionally, they are able to journey out on exclusive field trips, offered only to Tzofim.


Tzofim campers are an integral part of our camp operation as each summer they select, design, and construct a service project for the camp. This allows them the opportunity to create a permanent addition to our community, adding their own piece to the constantly expanding puzzle of Camp Davis.


Counselor in Training- Grades 9-10

The last step in a camper’s journey- the C.I.T. program is a highly engaging curriculum that actively challenges participants to discover their own voice as a camp professional.


C.I.T.s split their time between shadowing camp staff and participating in multiple leadership seminars throughout each week. These seminars provide C.I.T.s with concrete goals and objectives designed to aid them in their growing process.


Separating our C.I.T. program from other camps is our ability to draw from Jewish tradition. Utilizing the lessons and values of our over 2,000-year-old tradition we provide our C.I.T.s of all faiths with a curriculum that is rich in depth and universal in application.


Graduates of our C.I.T. program have gone on to not only become phenomenal counselors, but are equipped with the skills needed to excel in both college and professional settings.

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Camp Davis is a program of the Gordon Jewish Community Center made possible by the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee